A user friendly platform to automate and integrate

your enterprise performance and planning applications. 

Increase Productivity

Self-service automation for business-users to control, view, and run their processes.

Manage Applications

Out-of-the-box smart solutions for your performance and planning applications.

Across Environments

Centrally and securely manage workflows and applications. On-premise or in the cloud. 

Business User Focus

OneCloud equips business users with a intuitive and straight-forward interface for self-service automation. Business users no longer have to to rely on IT to control, view, and run automation processes. OneCloud securely empowers the business user, lowers your cost and increases productivity.


OneCloud has out-of-box solutions for an ever expanding number of business intelligence and performance management applications including: Anaplan, Workday, Oracle, Tableau, Salesforce, Informatica, and more.  With OneCloud you can take full advantage of your investment in business intelligence and performance management applications. 



OneCloud centrally and securely manages workflows and automation across disparate environments. It easily wraps around applications and can leverage existing processes, regardless of whether your applications reside on-premise or in the cloud. No more custom coding, manual interventions or babysitting process.

Getting started!

>  Getting started with OneCloud is remarkably simple

>  Easy implementation and flexible deployment

>  Quick and easy learning curve

>  OneCloud in-house support

>  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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