The Leader in Performance Management Integration

The first cloud platform to connect and automate Enterprise Performance Management applications

OneCloud is a code-free platform that empowers business users to centrally connect and automate Enterprise Performance Management applications in a manner that is repeatable, maintainable, auditable and scalable. OneCloud has out-of-the-box intelligent automation and native integration for the most widely used cloud and on-premise applications that are used for operational & strategic planning, corporate consolidations, and business intelligence.



Build an ecosystem of connected Enterprise Performance Management applications with a few simple steps, regardless of whether they reside on-premise or in the cloud. Boost productivity and relieve your IT department.


Orchestrate and automate the many processes that support critical business functions including operational planning, performance management, and business intelligence operations and allow end-users to easily run and manage their business processes on-demand. See how it works.


OneCloud provides out-of-the-box solutions for Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications and also handshakes with incumbent technologies and communication tools. Look at our growing list of integration solutions.