a remarkably simple automation platform

take full advantage of your business intelligence and performance management applications

Workflow Orchestration

Run complex task flows across multiple applications.
No manual interventions, less wait times and user-friendly.

Audits and Log Monitoring

Control and audit trails between dev-test-prod environments.
Eliminate unencrypted passwords.

No Custom Coding

Predefined libraries of functions easily extend product capabilities and integration with a variety of applications.

One 2 Cloud...go!  

> Easy as 1-2-3 implemetation

> Leverage exsting processes

> Flexible deployment

> Saas subscription

> OneCloud in-house implementation services and support 

> Save money and time. Now and later!


Manage and Integrate

OneCloud has an extensive library of business and specialized functions to automate process flows and integrate business intelligence and performance management applications including: Anaplan, Workday, Oracle, Tableau, Cognos, and more. 


OneCloud manages workflows and automation across disparate environments. It easily wraps around applications and can leverage existing processes.

Business User Focus

OneCloud equips business users with a simple interface for self-service automation to control, view, and run automation processes. Without having to rely on IT.

Centralized Repository

OneCloud has a central automation repository for secure automation and process source control, enabling detailed viewing of who ran what, when, where, and how.

Lifecycle Management

OneCloud provides lifecycle management, compliance and audit trails for your automation tasks and user actions.


OneCloud complies with compliance and security regulations.