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OneCloud and Prevedere Announce Technology Partnership to Support Real-Time Business Insights

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NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 29, 2020 -- OneCloud Inc., a modern iPaaS technology that provides intuitive Enterprise Data Integration for the business and Prevedere, Inc., an industry insights and predictive analytics company, announced that they have entered into a technology partnership.

Did You Know Series -  Chain Branches, Links, and Skip Conditions

OneCloud Customer Success Team

A OneCloud Chain has the ability to have multiple Branches, whereby a Branch is a series of tasks that are executed by the Chain.  Branches can spawn multiple parallel processes and then be merged back together in subsequent Commands within a Chain.  OneCloud’s native branching intelligence waits for each Branch to complete before continuing execution on subsequent Commands.  The Branch result or Link condition for each of the inbound Branches connected to a subsequent Command is also accounted for within Branching.  The Branch result of each Branch must match the Link condition specified in order for subsequent Command to be executed. 

Did You Know Series -  Dynamic Updates of Time-Based Substitution Variables

OneCloud Customer Success Team

Substitution variables are an important component to easily streamline modeling and calculation logic in enterprise performance management (EPM) systems and business intelligence (BI) reporting. To ensure that monthly, quarterly, and yearly roll-over processes are updated timely, it is helpful to have a way to uniformly increment time-based substitution variables. Typical variable examples include:

  • CurrYear
  • LastYear
  • NextYear
  • CurrMth
  • LastMth
  • NextMth
  • Yr1
  • Yr2
  • etc




These substitution variables have assignments such as “FY20” and “June”, or numeric year values. When a planning and reporting system is initialized for a new period, these variables all need to be updated. While this is not a complex process, it can be time consuming and often needs to occur precisely at midnight of the reporting switchover date. This can be a challenge at any time but can be especially unrewarding on a day like New Year’s Eve. OneCloud’s variable rollover capabilities help you to automate and schedule this process. This ensures that the variables are always set correctly across all your applications.

Bridging the Platform Gap - Solution Accelerators & OneCloud

OneCloud Customer Success Team

Guest blog by Bill Reddy, Senior Director, Promethean Analytics

Recently, we had the pleasure to present a webinar with our partners at OneCloud. In it, we demonstrated how OneCloud’s processing logic can be applied to scripted integrations and other automated solutions. We called it “Best of Both Worlds” because that is exactly what we are giving our customers. Through the Promethean Analytics’ Solution Accelerators for EPBCS, clients leverage our deep knowledge of cloud solutions to speed up their project implementation to go live quickly and start reaping the results not long after implementation. By using OneCloud, a powerful tool for IT and many business teams across the globe, clients can integrate their business-critical applications (both on-premises and in the cloud) and automate the data flow between them both efficiently and with no risk to existing systems.

OneCloud joins the Anaplan Technology Partner Ecosystem

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NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 15, 2020 -- OneCloud, provider of a modern iPaaS technology that provides intuitive integration, data transformation, and automation for a wide range of business-critical applications, has entered into a technology partnership with Anaplan (NYSE: PLAN), provider of a cloud-native planning platform for orchestrating business performance, to offer customers additional data integration options.

A Runbook Simplifies your EPM Data Integration for Business Users.

OneCloud Customer Success Team

Guest blog by James Wakefield, EPM Practice Lead and Carrick Mortimer, Servian Pty Ltd. 

When it comes to data integration for your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), it's important to ensure you have: (1) Trust in the process of sourcing data. That means you need reliable and secure integration to source systems, and (2) Automation of data flows to support your EPM solution with the flexibility, so business users can maintain the automation without being a technical guru Most modern ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solutions provide very technical solutions that allow you to automate data integration, but they tend to be very technical solutions that business users would be challenging to navigate.

Automated System Reconciliation

OneCloud Customer Success Team

OneCloud’s mission is to empower customers to Integrate enterprise systems, Automate the exchange of critical data, and Accelerate business processes that rely on accurate and timely data.  One of the common needs when sharing data between systems is to validate that the data in both systems reconcile.  Validating the data between these different systems is often an onerous task for a number of reasons.  Many of these systems have different data models whether it be the number/usage of segments such as Natural Account, Legal Entity, Customer, Product, Line of Business, or Functional Area or the level of grain within a given segment.  

OneCloud Rebranding

OneCloud Customer Success Team

We at OneCloud are incredibly excited to formally announce our new branding.  Across all of our social media, you may have noticed the hashtag #IAA. #IAA represents the core of our mission, to #Integrate enterprise applications and allow seamless data exchange, to #Automate routine tasks and return valuable time to the organization, and finally, to #Accelerate business processes and allow you to focus on what is truly important to your business.  And we seek to do all of this without requiring you to write a single line of code.

OneCloud Deployment Strategies - Point and Run

OneCloud Customer Success Team

In our last post, we discussed different OneCloud deployment strategies. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at a customer that utilized the Point and Run option as the first step to their OneCloud deployment.

OneCloud Deployment Strategies

OneCloud Customer Success Team

Businesses are demanding more data. Organizations need to know exactly how their cash reserves are being used, which regions or business units are profitable and where there are opportunities for improvement. Data, and more accurately, reliable data are critical to business success. The time-honored phrase, do more with less, is becoming increasingly poignant.

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