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Guest blog by Bill Reddy, Senior Director, Promethean Analytics

Recently, we had the pleasure to present a webinar with our partners at OneCloud. In it, we demonstrated how OneCloud’s processing logic can be applied to scripted integrations and other automated solutions. We called it “Best of Both Worlds” because that is exactly what we are giving our customers. Through the Promethean Analytics’ Solution Accelerators for EPBCS, clients leverage our deep knowledge of cloud solutions to speed up their project implementation to go live quickly and start reaping the results not long after implementation. By using OneCloud, a powerful tool for IT and many business teams across the globe, clients can integrate their business-critical applications (both on-premises and in the cloud) and automate the data flow between them both efficiently and with no risk to existing systems.

Promethean Analytics’ Accelerators are one of our creative ways to provide our clients with a solution that is both cost effective and quick to get live. These pre-built solutions allow us to utilize tried and true calculations, logic, reports, and integrations, leading to a rapid deployment so the client can reap the results quickly. Our Accelerators 3.0 for EPBCS Financials and Workforce have been recently updated to meet the unique needs of the current economic climate, and we hope to roll out the benefits of Accelerators 3.0 to our solution accelerators in other fields, like Merchandise Planning, Higher Education, Retail, High-Tech, and Software Development, soon enough.

OneCloud has been an essential part to our Accelerators because of its versatility, immediate benefits, and ease of deployment with its ability to literally point & run to Promethean Analytics’ Accelerator scripts. As your environment evolves, OneCloud supports an array of business-critical applications (Cloud and On-Premises) straight out of the box, making it an essential tool when looking to link the toolbox of the modern cloud-based workplace. We believe the most compelling aspect to OneCloud is that it enables business teams to become the owner of their critical automation.  The integration of applications to each other is visually intuitive and does not require code to get up and running. Finally, the simplicity of the integration mechanisms allows teams to focus on their core tasks and not worry about data purity or stability. This in turn, ties into the core part of our Accelerator program - allowing you to get up and running even quicker.

The How to Guide

Giving OneCloud a whirl is easy for anyone. A 30 day free trial is available here

From there, just follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Configure the Script Runner in your environment.

Step #2: Point & Run to your existing automations, like batch scripts, to name one. Giving teammates access, allows the team to monitor the automations from anywhere they are located. Automate runs with the integrated scheduler or use a file trigger to automate execution. 


Step #3: Complete your Chain with other Commands. In this example we are simply listing the content of a log file that is produced by the prior Command. OneCloud is extremely flexible by simply adding Commands to address your requirements.


Step #4: Over time, take advantage of the native OneCloud Commands in order to optimize and simplify your integrations across applications. Since OneCloud can link together dozens of EPM applications, we recommend experimenting with different commands to find the ones that work for your specific integration. In the following example, we automate the load of the setting up variables, uploading source data, and running a Data Management job.


To learn more about this approach, replay the webinar "Best of Both Worlds". For more information on OneCloud, feel free to reach out to the OneCloud team or send us, at Promethean Analytics, an email. If you are ready to bring your latest project to life or are simply looking for more information regarding our Accelerators program, feel free to reach out for more information and we’ll be happy to give you a demo.

Written by: 

Bill Reddy - Senior Director, Promethean Analytics