• Test the values of various conditions based upon standard boolean logic.
  • Conditional tests include standard arithmetic, string, and regular expression comparisons.
  • Conditions can be grouped for powerful process and exception handling.
  • Automation will flow based on the results of the evaluated condition.


  • Individual Commands and Chains can have notifications based on various conditions including success, error, warning or always send.
  • Streamlines end-user notifications and eliminates branching complexity to simply send a notification.
  • Later this summer this feature will be expanded to support Slack.

Dynamic Variables

  • Set and store values that can be used across Chain runs.
  • Can be very helpful in scenarios where multiple OneCloud Chains each perform incremental data refreshes between the same source and target. In this example, each Chain sets the same dynamic variable with a "last run" timestamp that is accordingly used in a query to filter new records and not load duplicate data.

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