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In our last post, we discussed different OneCloud deployment strategies. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at a customer that utilized the Point and Run option as the first step to their OneCloud deployment.

First, let’s start with a little background. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona was in the late stages of deploying Oracle EPM Cloud, specifically the Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS), Profitability and Cost Management Cloud (PCMCS), and Enterprise Data Management (EDMCS) modules. They use Domo for their business analytics and need to extract data from PCMCS and provide it to Domo for broader self-service BI. This was proving to be a challenge both in terms of performance and data conversion. A bit of research led the customer to our Did You Know Series highlighting our high-speed ASO Export and Conversion capabilities.

Using the OneCloud trial option, the Deloitte Consulting team worked with our team and developed a proof of concept (POC) for the PCMCS to Domo integration use case. Following a successful POC, Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ realized the power and potential of OneCloud and soon became a customer. Based upon their requirements, the Domo BizApp is now available as a standard offering.

As we highlighted previously, the project was in the latter stages of their deployment. Deloitte had already developed a significant amount of custom integration with EPM Automate to manage the integration of metadata and data. While the customer immediately recognized the value of PCMCS to Domo integration being powered by OneCloud, we want to ensure the value is extended to their entire EPM Cloud deployment. As a collective, we discussed and determined that a point-and-run strategy for the existing EPM Automate based data and master data automation would be valuable.

This strategy provides Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona with a centralized command and control platform through which integration and automation can be managed - the aforementioned PCMCS to Domo as well as data and master data processes - in the immediate term. It also affords an opportunity to redeploy the data and master data automation processes utilizing OneCloud functionality in a staged approach while still maintaining an automated process. By using the point-and-run approach, Blue Cross Blue Shield has reduced their risk, removed time constraints, and ensured a rapid OneCloud return on investment since they have leveraged the existing automation framework. Over time, Blue Cross Blue Shield can easily expand their usage of OneCloud by leveraging OneCloud’s out-of-the-box capabilities to streamline application integration across critical systems that support enhanced planning and analytics.

Phase 1
In combination with the customer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, the consulting partner, Deloitte, and OneCloud’s Customer Success team, the point-and-run strategy was deployed inside of a day. The speed and efficiency of the deployment was a combination of a great partnership between the company, Deloitte, and OneCloud to leverage the existing scripted infrastructure and make it easy to maintain and highly resilient. An in-depth look at the technical components of the solution can be found in the Solution Highlight section of our Forums.

As the journey continues, the next step of the point-and-run strategy is to utilize the metadata automation framework to build the data automation framework. By taking this approach, the customer develops a deeper understanding of OneCloud and ensures that they can be self-sufficient. In combination with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Deloitte, we believe this use case highlights the value and simplicity of an initial point-and-run strategy for deploying OneCloud. We look forward to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s continued OneCloud journey and will provide a follow-up blog entry once the full deployment is complete. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive this update and more.