OneCloud Did You Know Questionmark

Welcome to the OneCloud Did You Know blog series. 

In this Did You Know series, we'll be highlighting application functionality that goes beyond the standard OneCloud Commands that are required to build an integration, or in our terms, a Chain.  This series will showcase OneCloud features that are included in the core platform as well as features that may require additional licensing. We will be sure to clearly outline into which license category a feature falls. 

The goal of this series is two-fold.  First, like all enterprise software, OneCloud has many capabilities.  Many of these features are provided to enrich an integration but are not critical to developing one, meaning that a Chain will run successfully without using the feature.  Consider this axiom. If OneCloud is like a car, there are core components that we must have - an engine, tires, brakes - for that car to do its job which is moving people.  OneCloud moves data just as a car moves people. We need Commands that sources data, Commands that transforms data, and finally Commands that loads data. These are the core components of a OneCloud Chain.  But, cars have the option to add navigation and heated seats and other features. In OneCloud we too have features that make our chains more luxurious.

Secondly, it's not enough to just tell you about OneCloud’s features.  Consider the "Infotainment" systems that are available in many of today's modern cars.  These systems provide GPS navigation, temperature & audio control, and so much more. Being aware of the feature does not necessarily teach me how to use the navigation point-of-interest feature to find the closest gas station or ATM.  The same applies to OneCloud's advanced features. Each blog in this series will not only educate you about the feature and its purpose but also provide a real-life example of how the feature can be used. We'll highlight Chains that leverage the feature and the considerations so you have a well-rounded view to take advantage of the capability in your own OneCloud environment. 

At OneCloud, we want our users to uncover the full potential of their investment in our platform.  This series is just one of the ways in which we are striving to grow the OneCloud mind share. We also have an extensive documentation library, the discussion forums where you can engage with other OneCloud users, and of course our responsive support team.  We hope you look forward to this series as much as we do. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to get alerts for new posts and updates.