Everyone is talking about digital transformation. But what is it and what can it do for me? Most of us already have been through a digital transformation or two like the one that took us from cassettes tapes → CDs → MP3 → Spotify. In the enterprise world, a similar pattern is taking place and

and according to IDC, to get to the next level, we are going to spend in excess of $2 trillion by 2020. Turning our attention to the systems in the areas of business planning, analysis, and reporting, investment is being made at a rapid pace too. According to IDC, just this segment of the market will have already spent $12B by 2020.

So what is going on? Previously, we got by with spreadsheets tethered to various data sources into summary views for business planning and reporting. Today these spreadsheets are rapidly being replaced by powerful modeling, analytics, and reporting tools such as Adaptive Insights (Workday), Anaplan, Blackline, Host Analytics, IBM Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle EPM Cloud, Tableau, and Workiva. These applications are helping companies to rapidly digitalize, but along the way, they introduce a new challenge: “Integration”. In the new era, large amounts of data need to be collected, combined, reconciled, transformed and managed.

While most systems have some form of built-in integration, it is hardly seamless and not in line with the skills of a typical business user. As such, we have resorted to manual navigation through various user interfaces to download data from one system and then manually manipulate and upload it to the next. It works, but it is becoming more and more difficult and frustrating to manage.  Alternatives include writing custom code or use an IT-based integration tool, but they still rely on (even more) complex custom code and technical infrastructure. All the options are not great and come with a lot of hidden costs. If this sounds all too familiar, it is time to start looking into a solution that brings it all together. Meet OneCloud. OneCloud is a SaaS technology that spearheads digital transformation by providing native intelligent automation and integration for EPM (enterprise performance management), BI (business intelligence), and SoR (system of record) applications both on-prem and in the cloud. OneCloud is intuitive, 100% code free, and truly business user-friendly.

If you feel you are ready to kick-off your digital transformation journey, we encourage you to give OneCloud a try. It is easy! Start your free trial now and you will be on your way to a digital transformation of your entire suite of applications across performance management, consolidation, and reporting.