Supremely easy application for cleansing, enriching, and classifying data now widely available to customer delight.

NEW YORK--()--OneCloud, a provider of iPaaS technology through its precision platform to integrate and manage enterprise data, has broadened availability of the game-changing OneCloud Data Prep application for enterprise data cleansing, enrichment, and classification. OneCloud Data Prep is a key component of the OneCloud platform that already includes OneCloud Integration Studio for end-to-end integration and automation across the connected enterprise, eliminating data silos, empowering business users, and building a stronger partnership with IT.

Thoughtfully designed for the everyday needs of the business and finance professional, OneCloud Data Prep can increase precision when cleansing, transforming, and mapping data among financial systems that reside both on-premises and in the cloud. It has already saved thousands of hours across the OneCloud client base since initial rollout began in late 2020.

OneCloud Data Prep delivers an elegant interface to guide business users in their data preparation activities without any coding or specialized training. Its comprehensive and powerful features provide dozens of prebuilt transformations that address the most common data preparation activities — ones that without OneCloud Data Prep are typically conducted in desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Finance teams already using OneCloud Integration Studio immediately latch onto OneCloud Data Prep because it offers an interactive user interface with capabilities that are familiar. It allows business users to define and manage both simple and complex relationships between different data models. OneCloud Data Prep eliminates inconsistencies caused by varying data definitions and harmonizes data into a single reporting standard, easily and intuitively. It also provides visibility into the data transformation process to increase confidence in the outcomes.

“In developing OneCloud Data Prep, we pulled on our decades of data integration experience, listening to financial analysts, accountants, and managers who told us they’re desperate for technology tools that are designed for their unique needs,” said Tony Scalese, OneCloud chief customer officer. “Mistrust of data is the bane of their existence. A tool that transforms and classifies data easily, quickly, and accurately is the ultimate goal. Confidence in data precision empowers them to confidently meet their reporting deliverables and is, quite simply, priceless.”

What power users say

Granular and on-demand data is the single most important component of a connected enterprise. To support better planning and decision-making, this data needs to be timely, accurate, and reliable.

“The thing that excites me about OneCloud Data Prep is that I have already enabled the techies and they don't need more tools; I want to enable the accountants,” said Rocco Jarman, the data provisioning lead for finance innovation and improvement at Australian-based Fortescue Materials Group Ltd. “With the wizard-style of user experience and familiar Excel formulae, I can really lower the barrier for adoption for those users, and give them the power to manage their own data transformations. It reduces the overhead of meetings and communication of business rules to technical devs, and shortcuts the whole testing cycle."

Key technical and functional transformation capabilities of OneCloud Data Prep:

  • Extensive row and column operations for powerful yet easy to use transformations
  • Filtering capabilities supporting exact and wildcard matches that deliver data-aware operations
  • Previewing results while defining transformations to reduce the time necessary to correct accurate and reliable integrations
  • Excel-based functions for nearly limitless abilities to transform data
  • Enrichment of data with native functions such as column netting and conditional aggregation
  • Rules for exact match, ranges, and patterns including conditionals so any data element can be utilized in the transformation/mapping logic
  • Creating calendar-based mapping rule groups to address common business events such as M&A activity and organizational realignment
  • Sharing mapping rule groups by field, mapping type, or combination to ensure a consistent data and reporting standard across multiple processes
  • Importing and exporting of mapping definitions

Jessica Delgado, the director of financial planning and reporting at Seattle-based PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company, couldn’t be happier since adding OneCloud Data Prep in January after already working with OneCloud Integration Studio since early 2019. “What I like most about Data Prep is that you can tell it was thoughtfully designed for average financial users, not IT engineers. Data Prep is so intuitive and easy to use that my team was building chains and formulas on the very first day.”

She added, “We not only have Data Prep do mapping, but do calculations, add additional lines, spit out reports and create journal entries. Using Data Prep combined with Integration Studio saves us tons of time — and gives us peace of mind — around validation because we are confident the data is moving correctly between systems. My team members are so comfortable with it that they push themselves to explore more automation capabilities. It's become a major part of our monthly process.”


Watch the video to see OneCloud Data Prep in action and download the datasheet to learn more about its powerful data transformations and other capabilities that empower companies to make faster and better business decisions.

You can also read more about the Who, What, Where, When and Why of data preparation on the OneCloud blog.

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