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We at OneCloud are incredibly excited to formally announce our new branding.  Across all of our social media, you may have noticed the hashtag #IAA. #IAA represents the core of our mission, to #Integrate enterprise applications and allow seamless data exchange, to #Automate routine tasks and return valuable time to the organization, and finally, to #Accelerate business processes and allow you to focus on what is truly important to your business.  And we seek to do all of this without requiring you to write a single line of code.

In an organization’s journey, there are certain inflection points, times that define the beginning of the next chapter.  We felt that 2019 was an inflection point for our business. We experienced tremendous customer growth, expanded the team, and embarked on significant development efforts to deliver an exciting new product in 2020.  We felt it was time to refresh our visual branding to capture our evolution.  

As brand evolutions often do, this started first with our website.  For many, the website is the first interaction that you will have with OneCloud.  We wanted to develop a site that not only captures your eye but also helps you understand who OneCloud is and how we can help your business.  We partnered with SmartBug Media, the 2018 Hubspot Global Partner of the Year, to develop a new website.  A website redesign has several important phases that are far more than putting technical components together to make a webpage.  

As we progressed through that process, our management team realized that our logo required an update as well.  Today we formally announce our new logo.OneCloudLogo_ColorThe new logo which encompasses two crescents represents how data and the integration of it are foundational, part of the DNA if you will, of any successful enterprise project.   With the crescents, there is a connection representing how OneCloud connects the systems that co-exist on-premises and in the cloud. The circular shape of the logos reflects that integration does not have a starting and stopping point, it is a cycle that OneCloud simplifies.  When you view the logo from a slightly skewed angle, you can see a 3-dimensional view representing the multidimensional nature of OneCloud’s #IAA mission. We are thrilled with the simplicity, elegance, and dimensionality of our new logo and how it represents our organization and mission.  

Today we also are pleased to announce our new website homepage.  The new homepage is just the first step in our continued journey to fully revamp our online presence.  The homepage draws out the key assets that help our customers understand how OneCloud can help their business.  It showcases the technologies that we #Integrate. It highlights our features and functions to #Automate. And it better surfaces the business processes that we help #Accelerate.  We hope that you will explore the new homepage and learn more about OneCloud.

And we’re not done.  Over the coming months, we will continue to update and enhance the site.  Our resource library will be completely redesigned and overhauled. We will enhance our functional use case material to better connect the technical integration capabilities to the business processes that they support with support customer experiences  We’re excited about this new phase and invite you to continue the journey with us.