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OneCloud Customer Success Team

Businesses are demanding more data. Organizations need to know exactly how their cash reserves are being used, which regions or business units are profitable and where there are opportunities for improvement. Data, and more accurately, reliable data are critical to business success. The time-honored phrase, do more with less, is becoming increasingly poignant.

Many organizations have some processes in place to support data integration for their performance management systems. This often is a collection of many different technical solutions, some applications, some custom coding, some command line. These solutions require various skill sets to maintain and often have been developed by people that are no longer with the organization (former employees or consultants). Many of these solutions are brittle and unable to scale.

As organizations seek out more and better data, OneCloud is an investment worth considering. OneCloud empowers organizations to integrate enterprise systems and seamlessly exchange data, automate critical but routine tasks to allow the organization to focus on value-added business activities, and accelerate the implementation and execution of operational and strategic objectives. We deliver all of this without you needing to write any custom code allowing your business is free to focus on what the data tells you rather than collecting the data.

While an organization may look at the cost of OneCloud from a software perspective as a worthwhile investment, the other factor considered is time. We realize that time is just as valuable, especially when looking through the aforementioned lens of, do more with less. OneCloud is flexible and allows organizations to take a stepped approach to deployment.

OneCloud supports a point-and-run approach to initial deployment, meaning that OneCloud can be used to orchestrate existing technical solutions. This approach has several benefits. First, a consolidated application now controls the disparate integration processes. An organization no longer has to remember where a particular process is invoked, OneCloud functions as the central application through which all data integration is managed. Second, existing solutions can be enhanced with minimal effort using native OneCloud functionality. Examples include various notification methods including email, PagerDuty and Slack, automatic retry attempts in the event of errors, and error logging that is human readable. Lastly, a point-and-run deployment can be achieved in hours or days, depending on the number of processes to migrate. The time investment is minimal while introducing consistency and greater resiliency.

An initial point-and-run implementation allows an organization to take a measured or stepped approach for transitioning existing integrations to OneCloud. Maintaining the legacy integration in OneCloud while redeploying the integration as a new process using the features and capabilities of OneCloud provides several benefits. First and foremost, an existing integration that provides accurate data is already in place. This reduces the time-sensitivity of rebuilding an integration. Because a backup option is in place, the organization can spend more time evaluating new or expanded requirements, building a more elegant integration including Command documentation, notifications, error handling, and retry attempts and finally, spend more time testing to ensure data quality.

With a staged OneCloud implementation, new integrations can be developed utilizing the OneCloud features and capabilities. At the same time, existing integrations can be ported as previously described. This approach helps end the cycle of multiple integration methodologies and lays the foundation for a consolidated data integration platform.

The benefits of a unified platform are undeniable. Because OneCloud is built with the business user in mind, integrations are simple to build, maintain, and execute. OneCloud enables the organization to focus on the output of data integration rather than data integration itself and, in doing so, gives your organization greater insight into what your data is telling you. Contact us to learn how OneCloud can help you through these turbulent times. 

Did You Know Series - Advanced Transformation

OneCloud Customer Success Team

In our last post, we explored OneCloud’s ASO High-Speed Extractor and Convertor for Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud (PCMCS). In this post, we explore the advanced transformation capabilities of OneCloud and showcase how common data transformation requirements are addressed with out-of-the-box capabilities that streamline data integration and improve data quality.

Did You Know Series - PCMCS ASO High Speed Extract & Conversion

OneCloud Customer Success Team

In the first installment of the OneCloud Did You Know blog series, we're going to discuss OneCloud’s high-speed extraction and conversion capabilities for Oracle Profitability and Cost Management to an open and standard format that can be shared with many other applications as the following diagram depicts. 

Did You Know Series - Introduction

OneCloud Customer Success Team

Welcome to the OneCloud Did You Know blog series. 

In this Did You Know series, we'll be highlighting application functionality that goes beyond the standard OneCloud Commands that are required to build an integration, or in our terms, a Chain.  This series will showcase OneCloud features that are included in the core platform as well as features that may require additional licensing. We will be sure to clearly outline into which license category a feature falls. 

Introducing OneCloud Forums

OneCloud Customer Success Team

forum [fo·​rum] / ˈfȯr-əm / noun. a public meeting place for open discussion.

At OneCloud, we strongly believe in the value of freely sharing knowledge.  Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the OneCloud Forums to enable us, our customers and our partners to freely exchange ideas, ask questions, and share knowledge and solutions.  Our goal with the forums is to provide more opportunities for customers and partners to talk not only with us but with one another.  As experience often tells us, nobody has the last best idea. 

We firmly believe that the public collaboration that the forums provide will continue to unleash the power of OneCloud.  We are thrilled to invite you to this community and look forward to a lively discussion.

You can find the forums here:

OneCloud Extends Executive Team with Key Hire

PR OneCloud

OneCloud is pleased to announce the addition of Tony Scalese to the executive team as Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Tony has nearly 20 years of experience in the Performance Management space; more than a decade of spent in professional implementation services.

OneCloud Signs OEM Agreement, Receives Investment From Workiva

PR OneCloud

New York, NY - July 31, 2019 –  OneCloud, the leader in performance management and business intelligence integration, today announced it has signed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Workiva (NYSE:WK), the leading cloud provider of connected data, reporting, and compliance solutions. Workiva has also made an investment in OneCloud.

Integration for the modern CFO

Quin Eddy

Regardless of industry or size of the company the Office of the CFO needs a solution to integrate and automate the applications that support their business function. There are many enterprise technologies that are sold to the line of business that supports critical functional areas such as financial planning and analysis (FP&A), corporate consolidation, and sales performance management. While these technologies address a specific functional area, it is imperative, but often overlooked, that they also integrate with source and target systems in a broader ecosystem of interconnectedness.

OneCloud Launches New Financial Application Solutions With BlackLine

PR OneCloud

New York, NY, June 27, 2019 – OneCloud, a leader in performance management and business intelligence integration, today unveiled a new solution integration with BlackLine, a leading provider of cloud software that automates and controls the entire financial close process, to enhance connectivity for the office of finance.

BlackLine Expands Technology Partner Ecosystem teaming up with OneCloud and others

Barbara Eelens

LOS ANGELES – June 25, 2019 – Building on several longstanding relationships with industry leaders such as SAP, Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct, BlackLine, Inc. (Nasdaq: BL) is expanding its technology partner ecosystem with the goal of increasing customer value by making it easier than ever for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), integration and best-of-breed financial application software providers to connect their solutions to the company’s market-leading cloud platform for financial controls and automation.

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