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With OneCloud Integration Studio it is easy for Anaplan users to launch their own OneCloud integrations directly from an Anaplan Dashboard. In this article we will show you how. 

First, create an OIS Chain. The example below illustrates how to export data from an Anaplan Module based upon a user defined point-of-view using OneCloud Runtime Inputs. 


Image 1: OneCloud Chain

To enable parameters to be directly passed to the OneCloud Chain, Runtime Inputs accepts the values and uses those as variables inside the Chain:


Image 2: Configure Runtime Inputs

Next, publish the Chain and navigate to the Chain execution interface.


Image 3: Publish the OIS Chain

From within the Chain execution view, click on the ActionLink button, fill in the parameters (optional) and copy the URL.


Image 4:Create an Action Link URL

Inside Anaplan, create a Module dimensionalized only with Line Items and format one of the Line Items as Text → Link.


Image 5: Create an Anaplan module

Edit the formula of the Line Item using the MAKELINK function. If your OneCloud Chain uses Runtime Inputs, be sure to add this to the URL: 


Image 6: Anaplan MAKELINK

Publish the selected Line Item to an Anaplan Dashboard.


Image 7: Publish to Dashboard

Use the Dashboard to securely facilitate self-service integration for authorized  end-users. If single-sign-on is enabled, then the step to login is not required.


Image 8: Self-Service Automation


We hope this solution-highlight helps your Anaplan users to get access to their data in a timely, accurate, secure manner. 

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Contact support or learn more about OneCloud with the OneCloud Quick Start Guides