forum [fo·​rum] / ˈfȯr-əm / noun. a public meeting place for open discussion.

At OneCloud, we strongly believe in the value of freely sharing knowledge.  Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the OneCloud Forums to enable us, our customers and our partners to freely exchange ideas, ask questions, and share knowledge and solutions.  Our goal with the forums is to provide more opportunities for customers and partners to talk not only with us but with one another.  As experience often tells us, nobody has the last best idea. 

We firmly believe that the public collaboration that the forums provide will continue to unleash the power of OneCloud.  We are thrilled to invite you to this community and look forward to a lively discussion.

You can find the forums here:


Let's talk a little about structure.  The OneCloud forums are comprised of three technical components - Categories, Forums and Topics.  Let's navigate these together.


Categories are collections of Forums.  We think of the OneCloud Forums (as a whole) as being akin to a server, then the categories are the hard drives.

Currently, there are four categories but a fifth is in the works (just a little teaser for some exciting functionality we are working on).  The categories are:

  • OneCloud General Information - This category contains platform announcements as well as solution highlights that can be shared by us, partners, or fellow customers
  • OneCloud Platform Questions - This category contains information about overall platform functionality such as Chains, Users & Security, or Life Cycle Management
  • OneCloud Core BizApp Questions - This category contains information related to each of our Core BizApps such as Email, FTP, or Tabular Transformation
  • OneCloud Premium BizApp Questions - This category contains information related to each of our premium BizApps such as Anaplan, Blackline, IBM, Oracle, SalesForce, SAP, Tableau or Workiva


Forums are a collection of topics. Continuing with the computer analogy, each forum is a folder on a hard drive.  Forums are used to organize topics in an effort to make information easier to find.

Clicking any of the categories pivots from the Category Tile view to the Forum List view.  The forum list view displays topics available for discussion.



Topics are the actual postings in each of the forums.  Wrapping up the computer analogy, topics are the files in the forum folder.  A topic is how a question or idea is posted to the forum.  

When selecting a topic for discussion, the view pivots to the Topic view.  The initial post, (highlighted in yellow) and any comments are able to be reviewed in this view.


Utilizing Forums

Now that we understand the structure and navigation, let's discuss how we can benefit from the OneCloud forums.


The OneCloud Forums provide the ability to follow an entire forum (e.g., Oracle Enterprise Planning) and/or an individual topic.    




When you choosing to follow a forum or topic you will receive an email alert whenever activity occurs in any item you have followed.  You may stop following any item at any time by clicking on the Following button.  The button will return to Follow.

Posting a Topic

You may post a question in any forum by simply navigating to that forum and clicking the Start a new topic button.



The topic submission window will open.  There are several sections here that should be highlighted.

Topic Title

The Topic Title is what piques one's interest.  This should be clear and concise without being too wordy.  Let's start with some examples of good topic titles:

  • Error installing Ground Runner on Windows 2012 Server
  • Error publishing new chain
  • Advice Needed - Best Practices for Life Cycle Management

And now some not so good topic titles:

  • I tried publishing a chain and it failed and the error was "error occurred please contact your administrator" Please help

Let's discuss briefly why these are sub-optimal.  A little lesson in internet etiquette.  CAPS is the equivalent of shouting at someone.  This is considered rude.  The forums are a community and we should all treat one another respectfully in our community.  Moreover, "Help Needed" tells the reader nothing about the problem.  They have to open the topic to see if they can even help.  While some may open the topic to see if they can help, others will simply gloss over the posting due to the lack of information.  Help others, help you. 

In the second example, this information belong in the message of the post.  Have you ever received an email that has a subject line that was a paragraph long with nothing in the body?  Rather difficult to read isn't it?  The same applies to forum postings.  Think of the title as the subject, not the actual message.


The message is where you can provide all the necessary detail.  Everything helps and if it isn't readily apparent, take the time to describe what you are trying to accomplish.  For example, if you were having a problem with the email BizApp, you don't need to specify that you are trying to send an email but rather you are having an issue attaching a file - that's useful information.  Bottom line, error on the side of oversharing.  If you aren't sure, no one is going to fault you for telling them too much detail. 

Whenever possible, include a screenshot or even a short video.  In technology, the old saying holds true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Seeing the configuration of your chain, your BizApp, your connection definition can be the difference between an efficient dialogue with immediate resolution or a cumbersome and prolonged back and forth discussion. 

If you are sharing a screenshot, please take care to obfuscate any company specific or confidential information.  

Posting the topic

Once you complete the title and message, confirm the forum, complete the ReCaptcha and the topic is posted.  Voila!  All users subscribed to the forum will be alerted.  


Now, sit back and leverage the power of the community.  We believe you'll be amazed at the dedication of your fellow OneCloud users.