So far in our 5 W’s of Data Preparation series, we have discussed What is Data Preparation and Why Data Preparation is such an important activity.  In this installment, we explore Who is doing Data Preparation and undertakes this critical task.  The answer may surprise you.

Who exactly performs data preparation in the enterprise?  Well, everyone!  That may sound like a bit of an overreach but it’s absolutely true.  Every person in the organization has some level of understanding of data that is important to the enterprise.  An accounts receivable clerk knows that an invoice is related to equipment and entries need to be booked to the appropriate account in the general ledger.  An IT administrator knows which domain controller is used to manage users in the respective region.  A sales professional knows which product code needs to be added to an order schedule when a customer requests a quote.  A financial analyst knows which cost centers are R&D, sales & marketing, or general administration based on their numbering sequence. So, in one way or another, data prep is an activity that engages everyone across the enterprise.   

Each person in an organization understands the relationships that exist between the different systems that they use within their area of responsibility.  Because these systems generally have different data models, data must be aligned and harmonized.  This is what we call “data preparation” - applying one’s understanding of their data and the systems between which this data needs to be shared.  So while it may not have been initially obvious, anyone that uses multiple enterprise systems is performing some form of data preparation.

In our next installment, we will explore "When do you perform Data Preparation". If you want to learn more about how OneCloud enables more robust, efficient, and reliable data preparation, please review our datasheet for OneCloud Data Prep.

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