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In our first installment of the 5W’s of Data Preparation blog series, we outlined What is Data Preparation. In this installment, we explain the Why Data Preparation is critically important.

Organizations generally have dozens and sometimes even hundreds of different systems because different systems serve different purposes.  Moreover, a number of organizations have grown through mergers and acquisitions and, as a result, many of the operational systems used by the individual organizations persist even in the combined entity.

The data from these systems, especially the operational ones, often need to be consolidated in order to support operational decision making.  There are a number of different approaches that organizations deploy to aggregate these data sources including data warehouses, performance management applications, or business intelligence systems.  

Regardless of the application strategy, data is the foundation of all enterprise systems. The performance, intricacy of calculations, or the reporting is meaningless without timely, reliable data.  This is why data preparation is critical.  As data is moved between systems, we must be able to ensure that the integrity of the data is unquestionable.  

We engage in data preparation to ensure that the relationships between the various enterprise systems are well understood and consistently updated to reflect the ever-changing organization.  In addition, good data preparation ensures that the data is reliable and can be used to make critical business decisions.  

In addition to understanding what data preparation is and why it is of imperative importance to every organization, it is also important to understand who undertakes this foundational activity

In our next installment, we will explore "Who performs Data Preparation". If you want to learn more about how OneCloud enables more robust, efficient, and reliable data preparation, please review our datasheet for OneCloud Data Prep.

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