A REST API that opens up OneCloud

On April 27, 2019, OneCloud launched a REST API so our customers and partners can now embed OneCloud into their solution and solve some pretty thorny integration and automation challenges. By offering an API, the OneCloud platform is now “officially” open for third parties to embed flexible, code-free and intuitive integration and automation of a wide range of complex technologies, into their own applications. These technologies include:

Making Data Transformation Simple

All users of EPM and BI applications know that when data is moved from their source systems to another system, preparation and transformation is required. It may sound simple enough, but it can rapidly become a daunting and lengthy task that consumes valuable resources. Moreover, if not done right, it may have a serious impact on the usability and availability of the data downstream.

Empowering Business Users Through Digital Transformation

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. But what is it and what can it do for me? Most of us already have been through a digital transformation or two like the one that took us from cassettes tapes → CDs → MP3 → Spotify. In the enterprise world, a similar pattern is taking place and

We are moving to the cloud, but…

Most companies have a plan to move their on-premise systems to the equivalent next-gen applications that exist in the cloud. With that plan, however, come new efficiencies but also new complications. The application owners need answers as to how the grand plan will come together. Here are the top 5 topics that we often get asked when customers are considering moving to the cloud:

Approve your data before you move your data

Nobody likes to waste time, but if one of the following scenarios holds true then read on.  It will be 2 minutes well spent.

  • Do you spend time managing approvals? What inefficiencies are introduced managing a ping-pong of emails just to get something approved?
  • Lack of access to the required people to get the job done? (Idea: the person who can approve something doesn’t have access or technical capability to actually perform the action).
  • Who approved this?! Can I see the audit trail? (Idea: No audit trail to track important interactions across systems).

Application Process Automation: A Finance Systems Mandate

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software enable the office of the CFO to gain better insight into business performance and make timely business decisions based on today’s market demands. However, significant costs and challenges impair a business ability to derive optimum value from its critical applications on a timely, predictable, accurate and consistent basis.

OneCloud Announces Trial Edition

We are excited to announce the launch of OneCloud’s Trial Edition!  We know we have a great product to enhance your Enterprise Performance Management landscape, but let’s face it, the proof is in the pudding.  Now you can see for yourself why everyone is turning to OneCloud to centrally orchestrate their EPM and BI applications with our free 30-day trial.


Slack it to me

Slack’s slogan is “Where Work Happens” – and that’s exactly why we’ve added Slack integration to OneCloud’s repertoire.

Essbase and Beyond with Endless Possibilities!

Essbase has truly impacted the world of corporate finance, planning, and consolidation since it was introduced in 1992. Developed by Jim Dorrian and Bob Earle, co-founders of Arbor Software, the technology has been a breakaway success with a user base in the millions and used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.