The Leader in Performance Management Integration

Key product features


OneCloud has out-of-box solutions for an expanding number of business intelligence and performance management applications including IBM Planning Analytics (TM1), Oracle EPM, Anaplan, Workday, Salesforce, Google Drive, Namely, NetSuite, and more. To find out more, click here.


OneCloud centrally and securely manages workflows and processes. It wraps around applications, regardless of whether the applications reside on-premise or in the cloud.

Centralized Orchestration

OneCloud can be used as a centralized orchestration platform for the many enterprise platforms that companies use today.

Lifecycle Management

OneCloud's fully supports Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) allows advanced promotion control for all your enterprise automation and integration.

Business User Focus

OneCloud equips business users with an intuitive interface for self-service automation. Business users no longer have to rely on IT to control, view, and run automated processes.


OneCloud runs processes and commands with a smart scheduler automatically and with minimal setup. OneCloud brings all your schedules together by handshaking with incumbent technology such as Informatica Cloud, Snaplogic, Dell Boomi.


The OneCloud BizApp architecture is specifically designed to make the platform scalable and adaptable and to accommodate any future needs of your environment. 



OneCloud's advanced audit tracking provides compliance and control for your enterprise applications. Provision access as required and see who ran what, when, where and how.

User Access

Secure, granular, easy and flexible set-up of security groups and levels for the different types of users in your organization. 

Cloud Based

OneCloud is a scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. 

On-Premise Integration

OneCloud allows on-premise and cloud applications to be seamless from an application perspective with secure GroundRunner agent technology. 


Access OneCloud from any web or mobile device and enable constant collaboration for your users.