Integrate and automate without writing any code.

The OneCloud Planning Analytics BizApp connects and automates your cloud and on-premises versions in a user-friendly, code-free manner. In addition to bi-directionally exchanging data, the OneCloud Planning Analytics BizApp provides specific automation functionality to support core IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 functions such as automating Chores & Processes and querying log files. 

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OneCloud In Action - IBM PA


Out-of-the-box features

  • Data Operations: execute MDX, read & write cells to a cube

  • Execute: execute processes & chores, activate/deactivate chores, update chore parameters

  • Logs: filter message logs, get process error logs, filter transaction logs

  • Manage Server Objects: list and delete cube objects as required

  • Native Support: OneCloud natively supports IBM on-premises and PA Cloud versions.


 Unique Benefits




Automate IBM Planning Analytics | TM1 processes and seamlessly integrate your planning application with a wide range of other business-critical technologies without the need to write any code.



Easily automate your consolidation, planning, and reporting processes with our library of out-of-the-box business functions and get real-time consolidated results in no time.

Business User Focus

Business User Focus

Allow business users a self-service, on-demand platform to control, view, and run integration and automation processes from a web and mobile-friendly application.


Data Prep

Combine OneCloud Integration Studio with OneCloud Data Prep for a comprehensive way to intuitively and interactively harmonize data across systems.

Connect the enterprise with OneCloud and drive your organization forward.
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