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OneCloud Integration Studio

Connected systems are the first step to accelerate a Connected Enterprise.  With a range of core platform and application-specific connectors known as BizApps, OneCloud Integration Studio allows companies to easily bridge disparate systems, integrate data flows, and automate application processes. No code, maximum flexibility.

With OneCloud Integration Studio, business users can quickly build powerful integration to accelerate the use of their systems & data in support of timely analysis and well-informed decision making.

Please take a look at our Core & Premium BizApps and how they support the Connected Enterprise.

from $10K /Year

About Integration Studio Licensing

  • Add Premium BizApps as needed
  • Includes all Core BizApps
  • Includes 10 Concurrent Runs
  • Includes 2 Admin Users
  • Includes unlimited Standard Users
  • Includes 365 days Audit History
  • Includes 1 GroundRunner
  • Includes Approval Workflow
  • Includes Single Sign-On
  • Includes OneCloud Support

OneCloud Data Prep

To address common data quality challenges, OneCloud Data Prep exposes a suite of comprehensive and powerful features to cleanse, transform, and map data ensuring cross-dimensional relationship validation. Data Prep ensures that inconsistencies caused by varying data definitions are harmonized into a single reporting standard and provides visibility into the data transformation process. Data prep works seamlessly with OneCloud Integration Studio but also with other third-party technologies.

With OneCloud Data Prep, business users can access an easy, intuitive, and interactive grid interface to harmonize data between systems.

from $30K /Year

About Data Prep Licensing

  • Add users as needed
  • Includes the OneCloud Integration Studio base platform.
  • Includes OneCloud Support