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Solutions for your enterprise applications


Directly Import from Salesforce, NetSuite & relational and export to corresponding targets. Execute actions & processes on schedule or from an Anaplan dashboard.

IBM Planning Analytics

Natively supports automating TM1 Chores, Processes and querying TM1 logs. Support for both TM1 on-premise and PA Cloud versions.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics connectivity coming soon. Contact us for more information and timelines.


Native connectivity to export Namely reports and query system data.


Integrate Oracle NetSuite ERP and financial data into any target as well as direct Anaplan to NetSuite integration.

Oracle Essbase

Native and bi-directional Oracle Essbase connectivity, and intelligent application specific automation functionality.

Oracle HFM

Suite of functions for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to manage application data, end-user access and load and export application data.

Oracle OAC

Connect and automate OAC with a range of on-premise and cloud technologies with the OneCloud Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) BizApp.


The OneCloud BizApp for Oracle (Enterprise) Planning Budgeting Cloud Service is a point & click solution to easily connect and automate Oracle EPBCS and PBCS with an array of cloud and on-premise technologies.

Power BI

Power BI connectivity coming soon. Contact us for more information and timelines


Export Quickbooks Online Edition ledger data for downstream reporting and planning.


Support for the major relational technologies to query and insert data, along with an open capability to run relational commands.


High-throughput bi-directional data exchange with any source or target combined with helpful administrative functions to manage objects and check on daily API limits.


Dynamically refresh Tableau reports (legacy or new formats), with integrated end-user access management and support for Tableau cloud and on-premise editions.


Export VTS data in its native format and transform it into a format optimized for targets that require tabular data or optimized reporting such as Tableau.


Securely execute native Workday custom reports and dynamically refresh Workday import templates for standardized reporting.

Solutions for your core functions


BOX connectivity coming soon. Contact us for more information and timelines.


Dropbox connectivity coming soon. Contact us for more information and timelines.

Google Drive

Securely search, download, upload and manage files and folders with functions to set and control security access privileges.


Slack integration for system updates, notifications and end-user self-service.


Securely transfer and manage files and folders on remote SFTP and FTPS servers.

File Operations

Automation commands to remotely manage, control and compress files and folders on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.


Lightweight functions that address most transformations when exchanging data between applications including filtering, joining, splitting and JSON to CSV.


Interact with any system with a standard web services interface. This capability enables OneCloud to handshake with virtually any system with a published REST API.

Run Scripts

Remotely execute batch operations and executables to extend and customize the OneCloud’s automation capabilities.

Solutions for your handshakes

Informatica Cloud

Execute synchronously Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization, Data Replication and Task Flows enabling Informatica to be a part of any OneCloud automation.

Dell Boomi

Natively and synchronously execute Dell Boomi published integration packages and retrieve the corresponding logs enabling Boomi to be a part of any OneCloud automation.


Synchronously execute SnapLogic Pipelines, query Pipeline run history and retrieve run logs enabling SnapLogic to be a part of any OneCloud automation.


Handshake with Mulesoft coming soon. Contact us for more information and timelines.