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The OneCloud Anaplan BizApp provides Anaplan administrators and users the ability to automate complex workflows and integrations with Anaplan across a hybrid mix of on-premise relational technologies and cloud applications including Tableau, Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, Namely and Google Drive. The OneCloud Anaplan BizApp also allows users to run Anaplan Actions and Processes as part of a workflow. In turn, this enables application owners to greatly enhance their ability to share and streamline data and tasks between Anaplan Models and other applications in a controllable, auditable, and scalable environment.


Unique benefits of our solution for Anaplan

Truly connected planning

Integration of Anaplan with your ERP, HCM, CRM and reporting applications allow you to build a truly connected planning environment. With OneCloud you can be sure that all systems have the same up-to-date data so all business decisions can be made accurately and in a timely manner. To learn more about Connected Planning, click here.

Low friction - fast results

With a large library of business functions that support Anaplan, you can easily connect and automate Anaplan with a variety of applications that support various areas of your business. Real-time planning data at your fingertips in no time.

Power to the people

Self-service automation allows business users to run their process on-demand, create or make direct changes to workflows in a business user-friendly format. Resolve business process issues faster, when you need it, and truly create self-sufficiency.

OneCloud Deployment Example Anaplan

Key features of the OneCloud BizApp for Anaplan

  • Enhanced control: Execute Anaplan Processes, Export and Import Actions with intuitive commands and actionable information when warnings or errors occur.

  • Tight data integration: Direct integration with Salesforce, relational and flat file data sources.

  • Self-service: Enable self-service automation from Anaplan dashboards or messaging platforms such as Slack.

  • Insight into Anaplan objects: List Anaplan Workspaces, Models, Modules, Files, Export Actions, Import Actions, Processes, and Views.

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