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The OneCloud Planning Analytics BizApp for TM1 connects and automates your cloud and on-premise versions of TM1. Integration is available for a range of applications, including relational databases, Workday, NetSuite, Namely, Salesforce and many other widely used performance management and business intelligence applications. In addition to our core integration functions to bi-directionally exchange data, the OneCloud Planning Analytics BizApp provides specific automation functionality to support core TM1 functions such as automating TM1 Chores & Processes and querying TM1 log files. As always self-service automation is available for end-users to support an environment of streamlined self-sufficency for enhanced productivity.

IBM Planning Analytics

Unique benefits of our solution for IBM Planning Analytics:

Complete TM1 Connectivity

Get the most out of your TM1 investment with connectivity to your ERP, HCM, CRM and reporting applications. Make sure that all systems have the same up-to-date data so all business decisions can be made accurately and in a timely manner.

Low friction - fast results

With a large library of business functions, you can easily automate your consolidation, planning and reporting processes across different applications. Real-time consolidated results at your fingers in no time.

Power to the people

Self-service automation allows business users to run their process on-demand, create or make direct changes to workflows in an auditable business user-friendly format. Resolve business process issues faster, when you need it, and with less reliance on IT.

Key features of the OneCloud IBM Planning Analytics BizApp for TM1:

IBM Planning Analytics OneCloud
  • Data Operations: execute MDX, read & write cells to a cube

  • Execute: execute processes & chores, activate/deactivate chores, update chore parameters

  • Logs: filter message logs, get process error logs, filter transaction logs

  • Manage Server Objects: list and delete cube objects as required

  • Native Support: OneCloud natively supports IBM TM1 on-premise and PA Cloud versions.

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