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Solutions for Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

The OneCloud BizApp for Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides a powerful way to connect and automate OAC with a range of on-premise and cloud technologies. Eliminate the need to write and manage script with OneCloud's out-of-the-box functions for the execution of calculations, exchange and load of data and commands to administer OAC. When combined with other technologies that OneCloud supports, the possibilities become endless and truly enables a scalable, maintainable and auditable approach to automate your enterprise.

Oracle OAC
  • Enhanced automation: Easily automate the main Oracle OAC functions from an intuitive, browser-
based interface.

  • Connectivity: Provide a central location to connect and automate all technologies regardless of being on-premise or the cloud.

  • Self-service: Enable self-service automation with advanced administrative control to see who ran what, when, where and how.

  • Productivity improvement: Enhance end-user productivity and lights-out operations.

Unique benefits of our solution for OAC


With OneCloud there is a central location to securely manage and run all operations in OAC as well as your entire enterprise. The possibilities are virtually endless while also providing a scalable, secure and auditable framework to operate in.

Enterprise connectivity

Supercharge how OAC connects across the enterprise with native connectivity to an array of relational, GL, Planning and BI systems that co-exist on-premise and in the cloud. OneCloud enables OAC to be the center point of any corporate initiative that requires OAC to have near-real-time system updates.

Power to the people

Business users can be granted access to manage, run or even build their own OneCloud automations through the user-friendly and self-service web, mobile and corporate messaging interfaces. Resolve business process issues faster, when you need it, and truly create self-sufficiency.

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Integrate Oracle (E)PBCS to OAC

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