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Webinar: The Next Generation of Command Center: Meet OneCloud

October 10 at 2pm (EST) / 11am (PST)

Remember Star Command Center? A great product in its day that addressed many of the challenges associated with integration across Hyperion Performance Management and Cognos TM1 technology. Fast forward and the challenges of connecting and automating EPM and BI applications have only compounded given the dramatic increase in cloud technologies that need to co-exist with on-premise applications. Star Command Center introduced simplicity and control for customers looking for a maintainable, sustainable, and auditable way to manage their performance management environment, but now it is time to add scalability and flexibility that is engineered for the cloud. Meet OneCloud. A next-gen solution designed to handle a range of systems that are used across vast numbers of users, administrators, and COEs that support FP&A, consolidation, BI & Planning functions. OneCloud streamlines the flow of operations and data across these systems enabling a truly connected performance management and BI environment. If your organization uses Cognos Command Center or Star Command Center in combination with Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Essbase, Cognos TM1, then this webinar is for you as it is now imperative that EPM and BI applications begin to seamlessly work together.

Webinar: Integrating, Automating and Controlling All of Your BI and EPM Applications in One Place: Welcome to OneCloud

September 19 at 12pm (EST)

The webinar hosted by Edward Roske from interRel Consulting and get an expert view on how OneCloud integrates and automates Oracle EPM and Oracle Analytics (on-premise and Cloud) for endless possibilities. Learn how OneCloud connects old and new applications, automates business functions, and allows business users to build and run their own processes, securely and at any time. With more than 80 points of integration across 18 applications, including Oracle PBCS, EPBCS, OAC and FCCS, you will be able to streamline your systems to get more done. Don't miss this session where we will show you how running an automation in OneCloud is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Webinar: Data Integration with IBM Planning Analytics

August 28 at 1pm (EST)

Join Quinlan Eddy and Jayda Gomez for a 30-minute webinar to learn how our recently launched IBM Planning Analytics for TM1 BizApp can help you connect and automate your cloud and on-premise versions of TM1 seamlessly and directly.

We will address the following topics:

  • Streamline the direct load of tabular data from any source into IBM Planning Analytics (TM1).
  • Leverage TM1 as a data source by extracting a TM1 view in a tabular format to any target.
  • Automate IBM Planning Analytics with various administrative functions.
  • Q&A

Webinar: Hit Your Tableau & Planning Integration Out of the Park

July 19 at 1pm (EST)

Brian Meyers and Jayda Gomez hosted a 30 minunte webinar on how OneCloud's can connect & automate Tableau. These were some of the discussion topics:

  • Automate the dynamic refresh of planning data to Tableau
  • Use Tableau as a data source in your Planning application
  • Schedule the entire process
  • Dynamically maintain Tableau security, groups, projects & sites

The webinar was attended by Tableau users and prospects, BI and EPM system administrators, Tableau administrators and those among us who want to do more with less!