Datasheets and Demos

Introduction to OneCloud

OneCloud is a Modern iPaaS technology built for the business user enabling intuitive integration, data transformation, and automation of business-critical applications, that reside on-premises and in the cloud.

OneCloud In Action

See how easy it is to select & connect all your applications with OneCloud.

OneCloud for Snowflake, Salesforce, Anaplan & Tableau

In this short demonstration, we will configure OneCloud to source data from Salesforce and Snowflake, load and process in Anaplan, and publish to Tableau.

OneCloud Oracle PCMCS High-Speed Data Extraction Demo

In this video, we provide a demonstration of the OneCloud high-speed data extraction and conversion for Oracle PCMCS data.

OneCloud Oracle PCMCS High-Speed Data Extraction Chain Build

In this video, we illustrate how to configure OneCloud to perform a high-speed data extraction and conversion from Oracle PCMCS to a standard tabular format.

OneCloud Security Architecture

Learn more about OneCloud’s unique iPaaS architecture and how OneCloud efficiently integrates and automates cloud and on-premise applications while conforming to comprehensive enterprise architecture standards and strict IT security policies.

Application Process Automation: A Finance Systems Mandate

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software enables the office of the CFO to gain better insight into business performance and make timely business decisions based on today’s market demands. However, significant costs and challenges impair a business’s ability to derive optimum value from its critical applications on a timely, predictable, accurate and consistent basis.